XXL Organic Wool Dryer Balls 6 Pack

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Our dryer balls are made of Organic New Zealand wool to help you reduce toxins in your home.  Wool dryer balls are a natural way to soften laundry and support optimum health for your skin so you can remove toxic fabric softeners from your life.

Our white dryer balls are high quality with 100% organic wool completely though the entire ball. Our balls with colored detail are the same quality and carefully hand processed & boiled to ensure colors stay on the ball for hundreds of uses.

 XXL Size in a  6 pack
Benefits to Dryer Balls:
Organic naturally occurring lanolin to soften clothes.
Reduces dry time saving you money and energy.
Eliminates the use of toxic fabric softeners on your family's clothes and skin.
Helps reduce wrinkling and static naturally.
Lasts hundreds of uses for economical saving. 
To use: Add three to four balls for a small load or four to six balls for a large load.
We just keep ours in the dryer all the time, but they do come with a handy dandy carrying carrying bag for on the go laundry :-)

Optional: Soak one ball in vinegar-and squeeze excess- to help soften even more. (Your clothes will not smell like vinegar when you're done)  

Additional: Put a 2-4 drops of essential oils on a couple of the balls before going into the load to bring a fresh smell to your laundry.

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