Ergonomic Organic Bamboo & Cotton Baby Carrier Multi-functional

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Organic Bamboo and cotton baby carrier. Choose from 7 different trendy design.  If you are new to baby wearing or a seasoned veteran these carriers make it easy for on the go travel and leaving you hands free when you most need it. 

 Keeping babies close fosters bonding and healthy attachments between your infant and those holding them.  The ease of use allows for dad or other relatives to carry the baby and give mom a break from time to time while still allowing them to be hands free. Baby carriers offer eco-conscious parents a way to cut down on the plastics often associated with traditional seats and strollers and are easily portable. 

Whether it's a quick trip to the store, a walk in the park or busy function where strollers are not convenient to use, these are the perfect way to carry your little bundle.

We carry 7 different designs to choose from, each can be used from 7lbs to 33 lbs in side carry, back carry or front face-to face. Made in India with a blend of organic Bamboo, Cotton, Polyester and Spandex. Minimum waist 24" to 49"